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Keeping A Collar On My Cat

By Pug Puppy For Sale Massachusetts

Identification Tags and My Cat’s Collar
Many owners never put an identification collar on their cat.  “Cats don’t like them,” they say.  “We don’t want to push the issue and get a bite or a scratch for our efforts.” Well, the dilemma with that is what happens if they get lost? You are probably thinking that your cat is an indoor pet and therefore doesn’t need an ID collar.  The problem with that viewpoint is that no matter how careful you are cats are sneaky.  If a door is slightly ajar or a window is cracked open just a little, that cat will squeeze through to freedom.  They are curious and love to explore.  But if a dog or other natural predator gets them, you know that saying “Curiosity killed the cat?” Chances are that will be the likely scenario and you would never know what happened to your family cat.  ID collars make sense for your cat. 

Your cat’s veterinarian will most likely have identification tags that you can easily hook onto a collar.  These tags will have the vet clinic’s office number and address.  Most likely, these tags will also have the date of your cat’s last round of vaccinations for rabies and other diseases.  You can either have your own contact information engraved on the same ID tags that came from your veterinarian or you can have your own made fairly quickly.  It doesn’t matter which tag you include your contact information on, as long as it is there.  That way, if something does happen to your cat, anyone who finds it can call you, even the animal shelters.

Keeping A Collar On My Cat

By talking with your veterinarian or visiting your local pet store, you will find out that there are special collars just for cats.  These have a little piece of elastic sewn into it which makes the collar not so rigid and allows for some flexibility in it.   These collars are made to stretch a little just in case your cat gets snagged and stuck while climbing a tree or any else for that matter.  The “stretch” in the collar will allow the cat to escape.  You have to take care not to choose a collar for your cat that is too elastic.  A cat has loose, limber limbs and could easily find itself in a dilemma with a leg stuck inside the collar after a round of scratching.

Another type of collar for cats that just hit the market is one with an easy plastic snap buckle. It is the kind where if you apply pressure to the button on the buckle, it will slide open.  This new type of collar is also helpful in those situations where a cat could get trapped in the tree and hang from a tree branch.  If the collar was snagged, the plastic snap buckle would do a quick release.

When you are shopping around for your family cat, be sure to inspect the quality of the collars you find.  The collar will be worn around the cat’s neck, in a soft vulnerable area.  That means you do not want to buy any collar that has sharp edges.  It could dig into your cat’s delicate skin.  Be sure to also inspect the stitching on the collar.  You do not want any of the thread to unravel and cause a potential hazard to your cat.  It is preferable to have your cat with you when you shop for a collar.  That way, your cat can try on a collar and you could tell if it fits correctly.  These collars should fit snugly while still being able to accommodate one of two of your fingers below the collar. 

Another reason for your cat to have on a collar is because of government rules.  In many areas, there is a requirement that states all pets should be registered and licensed.  This is usually governed by the city or county.  Statistics show that very few cat owners ever find their missing furry cats at shelters, simply because of the lack of identification. By having a collar, you could get your cat back at no time.

Be sure to give your cat lots of love, attention and treats right after putting a collar on them. Treats will often distract your cat from the weird-feeling collar around its throat.  By the time they are done with their treats, many cats soon forget that they are wearing a collar.

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