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Stud Services

Max is available for stud.
Proven sire.
He is a beautiful fawn with excellent coat color and defined mask, health check is up to date.
Lovable with a great temperament.
Max is currently registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club) , ACA (American Canine Association) and APR (America's Pet Registry)
$500 Stud Fee
pug stud services


  1. Pay the agreed stud service fee before the bitch is serviced.
  2. Provide a pedigree registration before servicing.
  3. Provide veterinary certificate of current vaccinations and Brucellosis test.
  4. Send bitch in good health and in season.
  5. Notify stud dog owner/agent, in writing no later than 70 days after mating if no pregnancy results from the mating. Failure to do so will result in no return service being provided.
  6. Keep the bitch properly confined following the breeding to ensure no other dog could mate her accidentally, before mating season is finished.

  1. Provide bitch owner with akc and apr registration papers
  2. Take normal adequate care of the bitch while in our charge
  3. Have the stud dog in good physical condition and current vaccinations
  4. Sign litter registration promptly and return to bitch owner.
  5. Provide a return stud service of the same dog to the same bitch if no pregnancy results from the mating, at no charge. To receive the return service, the bitch owner must notify the stud dog owner of failure to conceive, in writing, not more than 70 days following the mating. If the stud is no longer available for whatever reason, for the return service, the stud owner reserves the right to offer a different stud to the bitch owner.
  6. Provide the bitch owner with a written receipt for the stud service and a record of the breeding dates.


The typical large breed whelping mother dog does not want interference in any way while delivering her puppies. She prefers to be left absolutely alone. She would rather attend to matters entirely by herself. And the (so considered) help from another is viewed as next to an unpardonable annoyance by her. She feels herself capable of coping with the situation and can see no reason why her maternal rights should not be respected. She does not want an audience watching her in her trial. Absolute privacy is her sole desire.

It is because of this that the female usually endeavors to hide herself at such times. The more seclusion she can have the better it pleases her in every way. Hence, in ordinary cases it is much the wiser plan to give her first a chance by herself instead of perhaps complicating conditions by human interference.

This does not imply that a coming mother should be placed in her whelping quarters and then entirely ignored until it is believed all is over. Many bitches, however, will get on splendidly in this manner, and much better than in any other way. These are the ones which habitually have easy births and so little trouble as to permit entire absence of worry on the parts of their owners. But it is usually a much safer plan to maintain a reasonable supervision over any animal during this period. An occasional look at her now and then will do no harm and is a means of observing if there is apparently any trouble being encountered. If everything seems to be progressing well, leave her entirely alone.

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