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What's the Difference Between Dog Clubs? AKC vs. RBDA

By: Pug Puppy for Sale in Massachusetts

What is all the hype about our dogs belonging to a club? Many pet owners do not even belong to a club. Pug owners, who take pride in their pets, will generally register their Pugs in some kind of kennel club, especially if they plan to breed their Pug. Registered Pugs tend to cost a little more but are much more appealing to Pug buyers.

AKC stands for American Kennel Club. It is the most well known kennel club in the United States. The AKC is dedicated to supporting the sport of pure breed dogs. They were founded back in 1884 and they are a promoter of responsible dog ownership. Although the AKC is dog friendly, no matter the status of the breed, they believe that purebred dogs are more predictable in several aspects. Hence, they believe that purebreds make better pets. Statistics show that a little more than half of American homes have pets and 36% of them are dog owners; Therefore, more emphasis should be placed on the subject.

The AKC stays very active. They encourage the sport of purebred dogs. The AKC sponsors over 15,000 dog competitions every year.

The AKC deals with approximately one million applications for membership a year. The AKC is only a membership based Kennel Club and they do not specialize in the selling of purebred dogs. Because of this, they can not and do not vouch for the health of any animal.

If you were to purchase a dog that comes from an AKC registered blood line, you will also receive an application for your dog's AKC registration. Someone who is buying an AKC registered dog must realize that the certification is in no way guarantying that the dog is in perfect health or that the quality of the dog is without flaw. It is only stating that the canine is a direct offspring of a known sire (stud/father) and dam (mother/bitch) and that it is born on a factual date. The parents must also be from the same breed. In order to register a litter of puppies, the sire and dam must be AKC registered and the litter born in the US. The owner of the litter wanting to register the litter must fill out an application which requires basic information such as: date of mating and birth, the number of males and females born in the litter, the sire and dam's registered names and numbers and lastly the owner's address and signature. The form must filled out and sent back to the AKC for processing. They, in turn, will send back paperwork for each individual puppy which is to be filled out partly by the owner. Once each of the puppies has been purchased, the new owners will have to fill out the remaining information and send it back to the AKC, with a fee. After the AKC has processed the application, the new owner should receive an official AKC Certificate in the mail.

The RBDA, or Rare Breed Dog Association is another type of dog registration. You may be wondering "what exactly is a "rare dog breed?" In simple terms, it is a dog that the American Kennel Club does not recognize. They have a number of services they offer such as: Public awareness of the rare breed dog; Education of the rare breed dog; Registration of the rare breed dog; as well as rare breed dog shows. Their goal is to watch over the "Rare Breed Dog" in the US and educate the public of the over 130 rare dog breeds that are out there. The RBDA have a number of groups that they represent.

Whether you have a rare breed dog or a purebred dog, there are many other resources out there to get your dog registered. Once again, either way you go, it does not prove the quality of the animal, just the family line. Although, if purchasing a dog, buying an AKC or RBDA registered dog is the best way to tract the history of the dog. Either way, a dog is a dog. They serve a variety of purposes, and as long as they are fulfilling that purpose, that is what's important.

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