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Pug Puppies Puppy for Sale Breeder Massachusetts MA

Click here to view available puppies for sale.

Email us to receive information about our puppies for sale.

Welcome to Pug-Puppy.com Home of quality, well cared for AKC Registered Pug Puppies. Our Pug puppies and dogs are lovingly raised in our home by our family. We are located just North of Boston Massachusetts, also serving Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York. We offer local pick up only. We do not ship our Pug Puppies via airlines. We have an unmatched commitment to quality care. We are a family of Pug lovers that not only care about the advancement of the Pug breed but we also care about the health, well being and safety of all Pugs. We live on one acre of fenced in wooded land. The pugs have plenty of room to run and play. Even so, they are each walked outside the yard on a regular basis. We have an in-ground pool in which most of our pugs have learned to swim. We also have a small doggie pool for our pugs that don't like the big pool. We feed our pug puppies and adult pugs quality food, quality treats and vitamins. We provide our pugs with plenty of dog toys and rawhide to help keep their teeth clean. Our pugs are treated monthly for dog heartworms. All of our pug puppies and dogs are always up to date on their vaccinations. We have plenty of referrals of happy pug puppy owners who have come back for a second and sometimes third pug puppy from us.

pug puppy breeder

About the Pug Breed
The PUG dog is by no means a recent breed. In fact, the Pug is one of the oldest. And at one time the Pug was one of the most popular. For many years the Pug has been almost unknown outside of intimate canine circles and was for a while in very grave danger of soon becoming one of the forgotten members of the Pug race. But in very recent times the pug has taken on a new lease of life, apparently, and certain fanciers and admirers of the breed are striving to bring him back to at least a share of the Pug former popularity. He is a remarkable little animal, clean, affectionate, gentle, watchful, and obedient, as well as intelligent. The true origin of the Pug ancient breed is unknown. Many suppositions have been advanced. The most probable of these is that it is of Chinese extraction. The Pug dog first came to notice in Holland, to which country he was undoubtedly brought by the Dutch traders from the Orient. Later, he found the Pug way to England and there, in the hands of enthusiastic persons, was developed into one of that country's most popular dog breeds.

We sell Pug puppies to responsible individuals and families and provide them with the resources needed to keep the pug puppies happy and healthy as long as they live. All of our Pug Puppies are sold as follows: First set of vaccinations, wormed bi weekly, dew claws removed, parent's AKC or CKC registration, 10 day money back health guarantee, playpen/kennel trained, puppy pad trained, a toy with parent's scent and a sweater in cold weather. We also provide weekly pictures and occasional video to watch your puppy grow from birth until it's time to pick your new pug puppy up.

pug puppy

Click here to view available puppies for sale.

Email us to receive information about our puppies for sale.

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